A Few Too Many (Complete)
B&W John

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Current Work in Progress...
Black and White Paul

John doesn’t know why he decides to call Paul (no, he does know, but still, but still—). It’s sometime around 3:30 am, and he’s drunk off booze he had stolen. He stumbles to the phone, dials, and listens to the crackling ring.

No, John knows why he’s calling Paul. Paul will get it, as much as John hates to face the reality of it all. Anyone else would fake understanding. With Paul, at least—

“Christ…” comes a curse from the other end of the line. “Who is this?” It’s Mike, weary voiced and angry. John opens his mouth to speak, but realizes, with the phlegm caught in the back of his mouth, how he’ll sound. He clears his throat and says, hoarsely:

“I need to talk to Paul.”

There’s a pause on the other end of the line. Then, in a deadpan monotone, “He’s asleep.”

And heat raises up in John and he feels his fists clench and a lightheaded frustration smacks him against the head and his vision feels blurry, and his teeth grate against each other and God, he just wants to punch the fucker across the face and smack him up against the wall. “I don’t give a toss! Go fuckin’ get Paul!”

The line goes dead, but the rustle of heavy footsteps echoes—Mike didn’t hang up. So John waits and tries to steady his shaking shoulders with mild curses and pacing. But he’s still shaking, and he’s shaking until he can hear slow, heavy footsteps dragging across the other end of the line, and the sound of a telephone being handled and then, finally, a voice, cooing tiredly into the phone, “Who is this?”

And John feels his heart stop and the alcohol rush to his head, and he leans up against the wall for support

Post, the First
Black and White Paul

I'm a writer--here, I'm letting out my "fandom" side of things, so, eventually, I hope you'll find a collection of well written and entertaining stories, musings, and whatever else may pertain to all this.

Thank you for reading anything I may post, and I hope you'll stay along for the ride!!



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